Label printer

Suzhou KuaYao electron limited companyThe well-known brand, provides the authoritative proct We provide world each big brand the bar code printing system:The bar code printer, scans the gun, the data acquisition, relatedsoftware and the label, the carbon belt and so on consume the material The science operation, “proces” the price superiority We introce the overseas advanced processing and the printingmachine, the science operation technology, fully won the time, savedthe manpower with to spend, thus obtained the most inexpensive sellingprice, was the customer brings the most low cost the proct. Leading technology, superior post-sale service The company technical personnel all pass through stricttraining to post, fully grasps each kind of brand proct theutilization technology and the maintenance knowledge, can provide mostperfect, the quickest technical support and the post-sale service asnecessary for the customer. 苏州跨耀电子知名品牌,提供权威产品我们提供世界各大品牌的条码打印系统:条码打印机,扫描枪,数据采集器,相关软件及标签、碳带等耗材.Telephone:0512–68786210 Facsimile:0512—68786270Network address:





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